Questions that are asked on a frequent basis:

Q – How many people can I invite, is there a limit?
Not at all, we can cater for any number of guests, large or small. Our hog roast machines are built to feed hundreds and hundreds of people while providing variety. We can cook a number of meats and sides all by using the same machine, and it still tastes fantastic. We have catered for a small garden party in St Ives with just 25 guests to a corporate function in Newmarket with 600 guests, no party is too big or small for our chef’s.

Q – How experienced are you in the Hog and Spit Roasting trade?
With over 25 years of experience in the catering and hog roast catering industry there isn’t anything we don’t know about hog roasting and spit roasting. We have learnt through the years that the best hog and spits roasts starts with the best, fresh ingredients, so we only use locally sources fresh produce to create the unbelievable flavours that is only done by the Spitting Pig. Even so with all of our knowledge and expertise, we are always gaining even more experience at each of our events with our regular customers and our new customers.

Q – Do you only roast pigs – or are there any other choices?
We are best known for roasting pigs but the options are endless, we can hog or spit roast pretty much any kind of meat and bird by using our hog roasting machines. Hog and Spit Roasting is a fantastic cooking method creating the succulent meat and delicious flavours, and something we are able to do, not just on pigs.

Q – Can you provide Barbecue foods also?
The capabilities of our hog roast machines are mind blowing and with our BBQ attachment we can roast a whole pig at the same time as prepping your BBQ food. From home-made burgers, sausages, chicken wings, vegetarian skewers we have it covered. Our BBQ options are very popular, especially in the summer. No matter what your tastes are our menus really do have something for everyone.

Q – Do you have any options for Vegetarians or are your menus only meat-orientated?
Unlike some other caterers we do pride ourselves on being able to cater for everyone’s tastes and any dietary requirements. We have a wide range of options for vegetarians and vegans, and they are that good sometimes the meat eaters can’t wait to get a taste too! Recently one of our vegetarian guests booked us to cater at her fully vegetarian themed birthday party, the flavours that we created were like nothing she had ever tasted before. We aim to wow everyone!

Q – Do you clean up afterwards or is that left down to the venue?
Of course we do the clean up, we take care of absolutely everything from preparation, setting up, serving and finally yes, the clean up! We are fully self-sufficient and want you to have nothing to worry about on the day. From a garden party to a wedding we will still ensure we are the ones doing the cleaning, and we even take our rubbish away with us. Once we have left you won’t even notice we had been there.

Q – Can we hire the hog roast machines?
We know many people love to cook themselves and want to be the host with the most and impress all of your guests and hiring a hog roast machine is a great way to do that. Our hog roast machines have been manufactured to make hog roasting accessible to all and the process so easy that you can’t get it wrong. Whether you are a beginner or a professional chef, you can still produce a perfect pig. We offer a free delivery and collection service where our expert chef will give you a few tips on the day to make it even easier.

Q – Are your menus set, or can they be tailored?
We designed a variety of menus to suit any kind of event or special occasion but we understand that not everyone wants the same and every event is individual. We therefore offer the option to create your own bespoke menu, specially for your event. Or maybe you just want to make a few changes to a menu? Not a problem, we let our customers make any changes that they wish too.

Q – What Type Of Events Do You Cater For?
At Spitting Pig Cambridge we are happy to provide our services to any type of event, and we have experience in catering for all kinds of events. From weddings, christenings, birthdays or corporate parties, our professional experienced team will be sure to impress you and your guests.

Q – Can you Provide Cutlery And Crockery?
Within all of our menu packages the cutlery and crockery is included. There is a choice between disposable cutlery and napkins or our china plates and linen napkins. Depending if your event is informal or formal we have the options for you, alternatively if you decide to provide them yourself then we can adjust the package for you.

Q – What Areas Do You Cover?
At Spitting Pig Cambridge we cover the whole country of Cambridgeshire and it’s surrounding areas. There is no location or venue that we can’t reach. With many other Spitting Pig branches across the country we are in fact able to cover the whole of the UK so if your event is that little bit further away then we can put you in contact with another team who will reach your location.

Q – How Do I Book?
The easiest way to get in contact with us is by calling us directly on 0800 587 5899 or alternatively fill in our online enquiry form with a few details about your event. A member of the team will then contact you via email with a selection of menus and quotes for you to have a look at, then if you wish to go ahead you can start the booking process.