Hog Roast Brampton

Lincolnshire - set up1Brampton is a small town, around 9 miles from the city of Carlisle. Built of local sandstone, the town prides itself on the historical landmarks such as the octagonal Moot Hal that marks the centre. Here there are plenty of tourist attractions, walking routes and venues for parties and events. Brampton is full of wonderful little shops and attracts hundreds of visitors each year. People travel from around the world to try out their very own Spitting Pig company. This is the Hog roast Brampton.

Hog roast Brampton have catered for events at the community centre, the function venue of the borders and the Bombay palace, they are there for a pre-booked event or a last-minute booking for a small garden party. No matter what the weather, we will never let you down. The extensive views of country side and land marks create the perfect scenery for us to work in. Nothing compares to sitting on a balcony with all your chosen guests, soaking in the summer sun and enjoying the fine taste of gorgeous slow roasted hog. We often arrive early to all of our events to ensure we can enjoy good conversations with the customers, this creates our fantastic reputation and strong customer bonds.

The Best Hog Roasts In Brampton

Whether it be a large family party, a christening, a wedding or just a small get together, here at Hog Roast Brampton, we are always there to cater for you. We have a variety of menus to satisfy you and your guests every need. We are most famous for our hog roasts, along with our professional hog master machines that we hire out and sell at Hog Roast Bramptonamazing prices. At Hog Roast Brampton, our ingredients are all locally sourced. An example of one of our delicious party menus includes a large, slow roasted hog coated in crispy crackling accompanied by soft bread rolls, hot herb potatoes and a selection of salads and sauces.

Whether it be a warming meal for a colds winter day or alternatively a light meat salad for the rare summery days in Britain, hog roast Brampton are there to help. At any event, we bring along one of our professional chefs to carve the meat, we are often complimented on the quality of our service. We ensure all our team are friendly and enjoy what they do, this allows us to deliver the highest service and enjoy what we do best.