Hog Roast Huntingdon

Hog Roast HuntingdonWe are always pleased to provide our hog roast in Huntingdon. Whether it’s a huge open field or a more restricted garden venue we have custom designed hog roast hire Huntingdon equipment that makes a great day even more special and memorable. It takes a long time before the taste of our juicy food fades from the lips.
Our customers are constantly amazed at the ease in which we transform an ordinary event into a day or evening of celebration. The hog roast can be just a part of a large event or the central attraction of a smaller party. One thing guaranteed; we are remembered by all! I make my living by making other people happy. Taking the uncertainty out of what could be a drab event into a sure fire hit that people from all walks of life will love. No wonder I get up every morning with a smile on my face.One of the most advantageous aspects of the business is that it markets itself. There are few occasions we cater for that don’t generate enquiries for further bookings.
Fortunately, modern travellers no longer have to rely on medieval travel methods, and Huntingdon is well served a number of modern transport links from around the country. The George Hotel is one of the most famous landmarks within the town and is perfect for hosting a hog roast catering event. Originally a posting station, this magnificent building used to be the residence of Oliver Cromwell’s grandfather. Home to a stunningly pretty courtyard, our hog roast services in Huntingdon have always gone down well with the many wedding receptions and hog roast Huntingdon parties hosted at the hotel. People in Huntingdon seem to be unfailingly polite and friendly, and we always enjoy delivering our superb hog roast Huntingdon catering events in the area.

The Best Hog Roasts In Huntingdon

Hog Roast HuntingdonAn extremely picturesque town, Huntingdon lies upon the north banks of the River Ouse. Unsurprisingly there is a number of high quality pubs located along the banks of the river, and it is always pleasant to have a refreshingly decent ice cold pint after a long day serving up our hog roasts! The Brampton Mill is an old riverside pub in Huntingdon which offers stunning views across the river. Like most of the excellent pubs in the area, The Brampton Mill has a wide selection of cask ales and fine wines to enjoy. The sheer quality of venues in the area means that we always know that it is going to be a good day when we host a hog roast Huntingdon catering events.

What better place to run a hog roast hire Huntingdon business than from a community dating back 11,000 years.So what is different today? Less trees perhaps and hunters who today are replaced by walkers, roaming the moors throughout the summer months and a more hardy band who continue throughout the year.

One thing remains unchanged – they still clamour for a mouth watering rustic hog roast Huntingdon food at the end of an exhausting day hiking the fantastic countryside that surrounds our great town; an appropriate end to a day of walking, following in the steps of our ancestors.It’s not just the ramblers and holiday makers who taste the rewards of a slow roasted hog. There are many events around the area attracting local as well as outside day trippers, such as weddings, festivals or just a plain, old fashioned knees up where our versatile catering services can benefit all occasions.

Clients are amazed at how adaptable we can be to suit every kind of event. We do sometimes turn down a customer – but only because we are fully booked on that day! The process is simple. An initial enquiry will lead to a visit where the exact requirements of the client will be discussed. (and of course the cost! But don’t worry as that is usually less than people realise because hog roasting is very cost effective and the most people you have , the cheaper it works out!). The rest can be left to us. We turn up at the agreed time and date and with little inconvenience are up and running. Ready to serve our mouth watering and delicious hog roast.We can also be found at the larger events where you can sample our hog roast huntingdon catering services for a small charge.