Hog Roast March

hog roast MarchWhether you are organising a large charity function or planning a small family celebration, the Hog Roast March is your best bet for a unique and special dining experience. Supplying everything from the food to the cutlery and tableware to looking after the clean-up afterwards, Hog Roast March can provide absolutely everything you need for your party.  This all-in-one customer care is a signature of Hog Roast March, and one that we are proud of.

The best In Service And Food in March

Hog Roast March offers the absolute best in both service and food. From our professional serving staff to our expert chefs, Hog Roast March provides top class personnel to help make your party a success.  Our menus are diverse and suited to any occasion and we use locally sourced meats to create fresh and vibrant dishes for all types of tastes. In addition to pork, beef, chicken, lamb and other meats, we also offer tasty side dishes made from local vegetables and fruits.

If you’re hosting a seasonal party, Hog Roast March can cater it. Roasted turkeys are extremely popular during the Christmas season, as are roast beef and our tasty Yorkshire puddings. We feature roasted lamb during the spring and summer months as well as roasted chicken so no matter what season it is; Hog Roast March offers deliciously wholesome food.

No Event Is Too Big Or Too Small

Small family gatherings are just as important to the Hog Roast March team as large corporate gatherings. Because of this, we provide catering services for all sizes Hog Roast Marchand types of parties, from weddings and private parties to corporate and charity events. Depending on the menu, we usually cook the food the same day and deliver it to the event

Whatever your party needs, consider hiring the Hog Roast Marchfor your next gathering. Call us today and you’ll find a professional staff member eager to help you create a memorable event.