Hog Roast Soham

pig 11Excellence and a commitment to quality are the two outstanding characteristics of the best hog roasters in Soham, the Spitting Pig. The chefs at the Spitting Pig continuously use their years of expertise to help customers host unique and delicious dining experiences for their guests. Hog roasts are a great alternative to the standard buffet served at many events as the special method of cooking meat on a spit provides a new flavour to familiar dishes, and also provides a bit of spectacle for your guests.

A Comprehensive Catering Package in Soham

The Spitting Pig Soham offers a catering service that includes everything needed for a successful event.  Our courteous catering team includes skilled servers and bartenders as well as talented chefs. We also take care of the equipment needed for the party; the hog roasting machine, bars, tablecloths, cutlery and crockery are all provided as well as the cleaning up after the party.

Special Preparations Make Great Food

hog roast SohamThe Spitting Pig Soham is widely known for its succulent hog roasts. We begin the process by covering the pig in salt rub and then roasting it for 4-8 hours. This creates a crispy outer skin with a juicy and succulent tender meat inside. If pork isn’t to your taste, we also offer beef, lamb, free range chicken and other meats.  All our meats are sourced locally, and we use the best organic hogs found in Soham. In addition to our juicy meats, we also feature an amazing menu of deserts, tasty vegetable dishes, relishes and sauces.

Although we have standard menu types tailored for weddings, parties and corporate events, we provide more than thirty variations on those menus, allowing us to style our food to satisfy the needs of all your guests. Whether your gathering calls for a traditional hog roast or a banquet with a range of side dishes, the Spitting Pig hog roast Soham team should be your top choice for an unforgettable party.