Hog Roast St Neots

Hog Roast St NeotsIt is always a delight to cater our Hog Roast St Neots the area is packed full of friendly people and good old fashioned English pubs. The appropriately named Pig and Falcon pub is a perfect place to host one of our Hog Roast St Neots service events. Recently named as the Cider Pub of the Year 2012, you can well imagine our delight at enjoying an ice cold tipple in this establishment after a long day’s work serving hog roasts. Another fantastic Hog Roast St Neots location iis The Bridge House which can be found in Market Square. The warm 16th century riverside pub offers a charming atmosphere and cosy armchairs inside the building, along with a brilliant beer garden on the banks of the River Ouse.

A number of different famous people have associations with the town. You may not initially recognise the name of John Bellingham, but he was the first and only man ever to successfully assassinate a British Prime Minister. Bellingham lived in St Neots before being hung for murdering the Prime Minister Spencer Perceval on 11th May 1812. One of the most successful British swimmers of all time, Mark Foster, also lives in modern day St Neots. We have often hoped to spot the specialist 50 metre short distance swimmer at one of our Hog Roast St Neots catering events because if he is anything like the rest of the town’s inhabitants he is sure to be friendly.

Driving through the town on our way to hosting hog roasts in St Neots, we have often noticed the town museum. St. Neots Museum is a valuable local history resource and runs a number of different public information and children’s activity days throughout the year. Whenever we host a Hog Roast St Neots in the town we usually end up saying hello to a few of the parishioners from St Neots Parish Church. The centuries’ old building was first founded by the priory order to which the town owes its existence. It is always nice to exchange a few friendly laughs when providing our Hog Roast in St Neots, and the town’s residents never fail to disappoint!

The Best Hog Roasts In St Neots

Having one of our specialist hog roasts for your celebration will impress all the meat is full of flavour and with a coating of salt they crisp to perfection every time. With spit roasted chickens, it’s a little different. These are normally quartered and it is down to you whether you have them seasoned or not. Soft floured baps are also included along with homemade gravy and stuffing. The other meats that you may choice to have spit roasted are; spring lamb, beef, whole salmon and whole turkeys. If I had my choice I’d have one of each.

Other things to remember when choosing us to cater for your event are…. We are fully insured, all of our chefs are fully qualified and experienced, we include a vegetarian option free of charge and from the outset, you will be provided with a schedule which will act as a blue print for the day itself. We have been doing hog roast hire St Neots catering for the last 6 years. Let our experience talk for itself!

Leaders In Our Field

Hog Roast St NeotsOur Hog Roast St Neots company offer package deals to customers around busy periods mainly around Christmas and New Year. Organisers can enjoy a reduction in prices for events catering for 150 people or more, wedding and christening packages are also available which provide much needed savings at such an expensive time!

Maybe you’re thinking you’d like to cook your own meat and impress your friends and family, we can make that happen. You can hire out one of our titan hog roasts machines delivered with a canister of gas to your event with your choice of meat. If you need assistance setting up your meat on the machine, myself or one of our qualified members of staff would do that for you. And that’s all there is to it, when your meat is cooked you can then show off your calving skills and your guests will fall in love with your food.

St Neots is an English town located on the banks of the River Ouse in Cambridgeshire. We have served up many a hog roast in St Neots as our hog roast catering services are simply superb! Home to a growing population of over 25,000 people, the town was originally named after the Cornish monk St Neot who was sainted for his good deeds with the poor. The town has held a market charter since 1130, thus meaning that there is plenty of history to be explored within the streets of St Neots. The population of the town is increasing as many people see it as the perfect location from which to commute to their work in London. Indeed, St Neots is now the largest town in the county of Cambridgeshire after the other two major cities.