Hog Roast West Kirby

Lincolnshire - set up1Here in West Kirby, we enjoy the simplicity of the small town and tight community. This town is on the North-West corner of the Wirral peninsula, in Merseyside. The gorgeous, tranquil beach setting is perfect for any occasion, like a party or a wedding. The scenery and land marks are not the only thing that is special about this place, West Kirby is the home of the most delicious hog roast in Britain. This is of course, Hog Roast West Kirby. This company caters for any event that you can think of, whether it be a beach wedding, a party, a beer festival or a small gathering, the team are there to cater for everyone’s hungry bellies.

Hog Roast West Kirby have a large amount of menu options ranging from a formal sit down meal, all the way to a small roast with soft bread rolls. Their most attractive quality is the flexibility to create your own menu, you can choose from any of their starters, mains sides and desserts and make your very own idea of a perfect plate. Hog Roast West Kirby do have a website and a phone line where they respond promptly to any query, this is most helpful when you need a last-minute caterer. Their team is made up of professional, qualified carving chefs, waiters and waitresses, assistants and of course managers, however the team often say they would be nothing without their wonderful customers and five-star reputation.

The Best Hog Roasts In West Kirby

The menus at Hog Roast West Kirby are made up of starters, mains, sides and desserts. They have an option for everyone. Starters include potatoes, fish, pasta Hog Roast West Kirbydishes and all sorts of salad creations. If you like red and white meat, they offer slow roasted pork, lamb, beef and chicken and if you prefer a veggie option, they always cook up colourful vegetable skewers and salads. Of course, their sides never disappoint as they offer trays of warm, butter and herb potatoes, soft floured bread rolls, potato wedges and many more beautiful treats.

For those with a sweet tooth, the team even whip up desserts such as chocolate torte, summer berry pudding and different flavours of cake. If you have a wedding cake already, the team will cut and serve this at you event to make sure you have nothing to worry about. Children’s menus are available upon request for those special party’s and christenings. If you are wanting a caterer to add that spark to your party or event, Hog Roast West Kirby is the place to call.