A Taste Of Love – Hog Roast Wisbech Delighted Guests At An Autumn Wedding!

Hog Roast WisbechOutside of its prestigious university, Cambridge is a city steeped in history and renowned for its architectural marvels, lush green landscapes, and enchanting locales. At Hog Roast Wisbech, we count ourselves fortunate to be able to explore the city’s stunning venues regularly, bringing our top-notch hog roasting services to life amidst these picturesque surroundings.

Last week, we had the pleasure of journeying to a Tudor mansion, a gem of a location featuring neatly clipped lawns and an ivy-covered manor house brimming with character. This venue, with its timeless charm, was the backdrop for Sarah and Andy’s wedding, a day made even more magical by the crisp autumn weather.

As the couple and their guests captured the beauty of the day through snapshots, Hog Roast Wisbech was hard at work perfecting the feast. Our dedicated crew spent the morning meticulously preparing a delectable spread, ensuring every detail was impeccable for the 3 pm serving time set by the couple.

Upon entering the dining hall, guests were greeted with a glass of champagne or fresh orange juice, along with a selection of dazzling canapes. These gourmet bites included beer-battered mini fish and chips, roasted halloumi and tomato crostini, mini pizzas, mini quiches, and succulent gourmet sausages.

Hog Roast WisbechThe meal continued with a starter of heritage tomato and beetroot carpaccio, setting the stage for the grand feast that followed. For the main course, guests were treated to a buffet-style presentation, allowing them to select from an array of delectable options. They could choose from a whole roasted free-range pig with crispy crackling, stuffing, and applesauce, a mouth-watering free-range turkey with sage butter, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, or a vegan-friendly delight of BBQ pulled jackfruit. The sides provided the perfect complement, including coleslaw, a variety of salads, and buttered new potatoes. The grand finale featured a delectable duo of desserts – sticky toffee pudding and cheesecake.

After the feast, Hog Roast Wisbech swiftly and efficiently cleared away the remnants, allowing the newlyweds and their guests to transition seamlessly into the celebratory atmosphere of the dance hall. The evening continued with the couple’s first dance, surrounded by the warm glow of joy and the echoes of delightful feasting.

Sarah and Andy were effusive in their gratitude, appreciating Hog Roast Wisbech’s attention to detail, impeccable customer service, and, of course, the irresistible flavours that delighted every guest.