Hog Roast Newtown – Creating the Perfect Hog Roast Yourself

hog roast Newtown Here at Hog Roast Newtown our main pride and joy is of course in our delicious hog roast. We love serving and we know you love eating it too! So often at our events guests come up to us after having one of our delicious hog roast dishes – like the freshly made hand pulled pork roll, or our full plate roast complete with homemade sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce – and ask just how we achieve such brilliant crisp texture and juicy flavour.

Well fortunately for you now Hog Roast Newtown are willing to let go of some of our renowned hog roast making tips and secrets, so that you can try your hand at some hog roast dining at home (with the help of our hireable mobile hog roasters, of course)!

The first thing to know about hog roasting is that it is actually much easier than it might seem, especially with the help of our industrious Hog Master Pro or the Titan machine. All you really need after that is time and patience – and a hell of a lot it, which can be hard because its smell and dazzling look is just so inviting throughout. But paws off! A good 6 hours or so of cooking time and then you can have at it to your fullest heart’s desire. Yes with our hog roasters you can basically just set it and forget it, but there’s a few handy tips to understand first.

You’re going to want to score your hog first and pour over some cold water too along with a good rub of salt and whatever other spices you might want to include (although even just salt is always a very good starting point). And then you are done! Go off, have a cuppa, watch a film or 2 or 3 and by dinner time your roast will be ready to go!

If that sounds too good to be true then its only because of the incredible machines that Hog Roast Newtown have created and lovingly provided to many happy customers across the country. With our hireable roasters it really could not be any easier, and you get the same authentic hog roast taste and texture that Hog Roast Newtown is known for – so call today!