Hog Roast Waterbeach’s commitment to freshness

A massive part of Hog Roast Waterbeach’s ethos is their commitment to freshness. It would surprise you how many caterers and food firms that prepare food way in advance to then just heat up at a later time or even date. On your event, Hog Roast Waterbeach prepares most food fresh on site in front of you and your guests. With this freshness as our continual backdrop, the catering service that Hog Roast Waterbeach provides has become, culinary crown within the nations catering businesses. 

hog roast WaterbeachHog Roast Waterbeach’s salad, vegetables and fruit are sourced by a local green grocer, that deliver nice and early on the day of your event. These items are then washed and transported via a temperature-controlled atmosphere to retain the freshness before being prepared on site at your event. Purchasing the best ingredients for you and your guests is a passion of ours. We understand that fresh and great-quality food means more flavour for you to enjoy! For instance, the cherry tomatoes on the vine have an incredible sweetness and taste making the tomato and mozzarella, Greek, and seasonal leaf salad the most heavenly salads you’ll have ever had. 

The meats Hog Roast Waterbeach source are from some of the most highly local reputable rearers and butchers in the area. It’s understood that the more local the meat, the better the taste and flavour as the animal is less stressed on transit. Getting the best quality meat which is then accentuated with Hog Roast Waterbeach’s traditional roasting methods, explains the repeat business we receive from our customers. With juicy farm-fresh chickens, flavoursome pigs, and the finest spring lambs, to name a few of our meat products available for consumption by you and your guests, the way it is sourced and the high-standard it sets is not just a guarantee that we offer, it’s an obsession of ours. 

Why not try it for yourselves and book Hog Roast Waterbeach for this summer as part of your celebrations?