Still enjoy a special wedding breakfast! – Hog Roast Risby

Hog Roast Risby is deeply saddened by those of you having to cancel or postpone your weddings because of covid restrictions. Hopefully by the summer many of you can walk down the aisle and have your celebration, if not by then, hopefully by summer 2022.

If you feel like one year postponement is enough and get married in the registry office with a few family and friends as witnesses, why not still enjoy a special wedding breakfast as husband and wife?

Hog Roast RisbyRecently, Hog Roast Risby delivered one of their gourmet menu delivery packages to a newlywed happy couple that had decided to get married in a local registry office with their two lovely boys. Lisa still wore her wedding dress and Andrew still wore a tux, both looked amazing! They enjoyed their wedding photo’s as just them in a nearby garden, thankfully the sun shone for them that day! Lisa and Andrew had previously cancelled their wedding food with Hog Roast Risby but when they saw that they did a delivery package decided to still enjoy a hog roast and accompaniments at home to celebrate their day.

Hog Roast Risby delivered the newlyweds a soft hog roast bap, with Lisa choosing a cheesy roll and Andrew a soft white one. These baps were filled with mouth-watering, juicy pulled pork, flavoursome stuffing, crispy crackling and sauces. Lisa had wanted sweet chilli and Andrew opted for the traditional apple sauce. Alongside their delicious baps, they enjoyed homemade crunchy coleslaw, Italian-inspired tomato and mozzarella salad and crunchy yet soft inside chips. As a congratulations and a thank you for still using Hog Roast Risby, they treated Lisa and Andrew to a bottle of Prosecco.

If you’re following the same path as Lisa and Andrew, why not get in touch and book a delivery for you and your partner to enjoy after the marriage. Something incredibly tasty and different to make your special day that much more exciting.