Which meat dishes can Hog Roast Fulbourn provide?

Your main course is likely to be the star of the show- so Hog Roast Fulbourn make sure to have plenty on offer. We have plenty of dishes to ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few of our most popular main courses…

Roasted Pig

Our roasted pig is the most popular main course that we have on offer. It is a Hog Roast Fulbourn classic that can be slow or spit-roasted, depending on which taste you prefer. This dish is served with your choice of sides, as well as homemade stuffing, fresh apple sauce, and crispy crackling.

6oz Handmade Burgers

Beef burgers are a perfect option, especially for the summer. They are great for BBQ menus and are a family favourite! Our burgers are served in fresh buns with a side salad and your choice of sauces.

Whole-Roasted Chicken

Hog Roast FulbournChicken is a classic dish that tastes incredible when whole-roasted in one of our machines. We brush our free-range chickens with thyme and sea salt, accompanied by stuffing and chipolata sausages.

Beef Sirloin

The steaks we provide are cooked perfectly to your liking, to ensure that they are enjoyable for all. Steaks are a perfect formal dish, especially when served with our red wine gravy and Yorkshire puddings.

Spit Roasted Whole English Lamb

Hog Roast Fulbourn’s spit-roasted lamb is studded with garlic and rosemary to provide an incredible flavour. The lamb is served with mint sauce and Yorkshire puddings, as well as your choice of side dishes and vegetable options.

Whole Roasted Free-Range Turkey

Whole-roasting our turkeys ensures a juicy and delicious flavour, eliminating dryness that can be common with turkey. This creates a delicious flavour, especially when brushed with our sage butter.

As well as delicious main courses, we also have plenty of incredible side dishes and salad options- allowing you to create your perfect meal! Are you in need of a caterer for your upcoming event? If so, get in touch with Hog Roast Fulbourn today to book your date! Simply let us know your party size, date and location and we can begin to plan your perfect menu.